Pet Relocation


How PetSpot takes care of the relocation?

Some of the basic information which is first needed from the pet parent is:

a) Which country is the pet traveling too?

b) What is the breed of the pet?

c) What is the age of the pet?

d) Has the pet travelled before?

e) Then we ask which day/month/year you want to relocate the dog?

Every country has different rules for incoming and outgoing pets. For some countries we require quarantine in the home, or no quarantine at all, or few days/months quarantine in approved animal quarantine .

For e.g UK, if someone wants to send their Labrador to UK within the next two month, we explain the travel process. As per The Pet Travel Scheme for UK it takes 3 months after the rabies titer test is cleared. Rabies Titer Test is one of the first requirements in completing the relocation formalities.  After clearing this test the pet needs to wait in the home country for 3 months. So, the requirement was that the travel should happen within 2 months but as per the rules in UK, this can happen with a minimum hold time in the preset country for 3 months only after that the pet is good to go for UK. This we explain to the PetParent that one has to wait, till the requirements from the other country are completely met. So, in this case this travel cannot happen in 2 months. No one can make it faster than that because countries have strict rules that need to be followed.

This is where we provide the right information as per the country, with the right documentation to choosing the right airlines. We have to train the dog to sit in the crate. We have to do all the paper work process like Vaccination, MicroChipping, other legal formalities like blood tests,health certificates, import permit, export permit.

The only thing the pet should have to begin the relocation process is the Vaccination card. If the dog has already been microchipped, then we are already one step ahead. If it has not been done, it is not an issue. We do the microchipping. And then after that rabies titer test is done with blood sampling, after that you need a cargo booking if we take UK as example.

In the UK there is a port restriction, no pet can go as baggage or accompanies baggage.

The pet has to go as the manifest cargo. So, we do the cargo booking. We need to book with Animal Health Center in the UK, informing that the pet is coming. Any item going through the Cargo needs Cargo clearance. Hence we as pet spot we hire one expert here and one expert in the UK. There The ARC has already a tie-up with a Cargo company. So they do the clearance as we contact them.

Now, they have a new rule, that the owner should have a TR number. TR is the Transfer of Residency number, if you do not have then you have to pay extra VAT, which is 18% on the entire transfer cost. If in case you have the TR number, then you need not to pay the VAT. Uk also gives a chance to redeem the VAT, if you can provide them the TR number within a year from the date of pet landing in UK.

Apart from that you need declaration forms and other legal documents required by the UK agencies and government. The declaration form establishes the identity of the pet parent along with address. From India side, we need some certificates like EU Health Certificate. Along with all the papers are required to be signed and  here from the animal quarantine officer AQCS .

So from our end we ensure completion of all paper work and legal formalities to make the process smooth. 

Thus after ensuring that you have understood the entire process we proceed with taking care of the relocation of your pet. It is of utmost importance to us that you are aware about the process and thus well informed to be in relief of being unsure about anything.