Things to know when getting a Puppy

It’s time to get the new puppy, Yay!! . You want to surprise your wife, you want to gift the cutest puppy to your family, you wanna bring in a dog to make your life active. There are lots of reasons why you have to come to decide that you need a dog in your life. But are you ready for bringing in a puppy in your life? What is the guarantee that you will be able to manage the puppy? Do puppies really require any management? These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself before you go the local store to look for puppies. Yes, a puppy can change your life by bringing in loads of fluffy happiness, energy and cuteness in your house. But do you have the necessary know how to successfully manage the puppy till its trained into a mature house dog? What kind of dog is good for your house? Know your space. As much as it is important for you to know the breed of dog that is suitable for your house, it is equally important for you to know your own house, if it is suitable for the kind of dog breed you are opting. If you are choosing to get a Retriever and you live in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment, please be ready to have no space for your own self. Labrador or Golden retrievers grow fast and they grow big. They are energetic dogs, need a lot of attention when they are young and need a lot of attention when they grow up. By attention we mean exercise. So, if you live in a small apartment and you are gonna leave your dog alone for more than half the time of your day then certainly you do not want a retriever in your house. Retrievers were originally sheep dogs. Helping farmers to manage their  large sheep herds. Running in open fields and interacting with the sheep all day long. Now, you bringing in your retriever and keeping it locked for 12-15 hours a day and occasionally offering a small walk is total injustice to the health of your dog. A labrador puppy requires special care for first 6 months of its life. This is when the pup is growing up and likely to learn behavior that she is gonna keep for her life.

Here are some of the tips that can help you make right decision about your life with your new puppy.

  1. Please know that the puppy is growing up, its tiny cute appearance may fool you to just adore the puppy and take it for granted that she won’t cause harm to herself to you or your house. When a puppy is growing up and developing teeth, it has a natural tendency to chew and gnaw on anything that is pointy, shiny or chewable. This brings almost everything in your house under puppy radar. Now if you gonna leave your puppy alone in your house, locked up in any room, it is naturally gonna practice munching on anything that it sees. Your furntiure, your curtains, your couch, your PS4, your internet modem, everything is under radar and most likely your pup will end up tearing them to pieces. Newspapers, magazines, cups and pens, these are just some of the items that the pup will assume to be items kept for playing and for it to practice its new growing teeth. So what are you gonna do when you come back and see that the pup has totally destroyed half the stuff in your house? You are most likely going to be angry at your pup. But please keep that anger aside, is it really your pup’s fault? Or is it your fault that you have a small house? It is nobody’s fault, you should have known that the puppy is gonna chew on anything that comes across. So what is the solution? Should you tie your pup or leave the pup in a smaller room? No!! Absolutely not, Small puppies if confined to smaller places will develop anxiety and sooner or later start howling, crying and making noise. Best you can do is be ready for your stuff to be destroyed or surrender it. Other best thing? Keep costly things out of reach of the pup. It is advisable that you leave as much space open for the pup to roam around the house. if not, the puppy is gonna feel locked down. If there is someone who can take care of the pup, it is great but if not then you are playing with a small life. And trust me keeping a pup is no less than managing a child. A child grows up one day, puppy remains puppy most of the life. You have to help them with their daily walks and food. Yes, they help you in many ways but bringing a dog into your life means you are bringing in a responsibility. A daily responsibility! Are you ready for it?
  2. Training your puppy: If you are totally clueless as to how and what to do with your pup, please consult a dog trainer. They are their for a purpose. A dog trainer can help you potty train your pup and teach him the essential behavior that may save you some stress. Different breeds require different kinds of training. For you to completely stress free manage your dog, you either have to be a dog whisperer or a dog trainer yourself. Which is most likely not the case. So please do not assume you can manage a pup without proper technical understanding of dog training. Consult your local dog trainer to get you started for proper management and proper stress free life. Remember a  pup is gonna poop around your house when its too young. So be ready to clean all corners of your house for the occasional shit that your pup is gonna take here and there. Although you can keep timing when your pup takes a dump but it is always not going to be on time. Especially if you are food testing on your pup. With this, you must know foods that should not be fed to your pup. This will ensure healthier lifestyle for you and your pet kid.
  3. When buying a puppy in India, we must ensure we take all the necessary papers from the seller. We should also try and understand each and everything about a particular dog breed that you intend to bring in to your house. Describe to the dealer your house situation, your commitment, your availability and reasons for which you need the dog. With proper consultation you will be able to understand, first if you are ready for a pup, if your house is ready, if your family is ready and if that particular breed you have opted for is suitable for your house. Please do your research before just quickly paying for the cute pup. It is real life you are dealing with and if you bring it into your house without proper commitment, please be prepared to add to your problems rather than solving them.

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