Where can I take my dog for running?

It is is of crucial importance that you know where you can take your dog for running, this is important for good health of the dog. Within your local area, you must find out parks that are pet friendly, open green areas where you can hike around or walk with your dog. Government permitted open lands and forest areas where it is legal and safe to walk with your dog. If you are in India, there is a little consideration for marking such areas as pet friendly. Very few parks have clear signs indicating whether it is allowed for the pets to run around without a leash. However many have clear signs indicating ‘Dogs are Not allowed.’ But, if you are lucky you will find some parks close to your home where you can let your dog play. Sometimes it is also important to know the timings when other people and other dogs usually walk around in these parks. By knowing this you can avoid going at those times and if possible go at times when the park is not crowded. Early mornings can work best to find out such opportunity to let your dog run freely in the park.

To avoid any unhappy situation, it is important to train your dog to not act crazy as soon as it sees other human or dog. With such energy your dog is likely to jump on other dogs and will cause problems if it becomes a persistent jumper or worse a persistent humper. Yes!!, some dogs have the crazy habit to jump on other people or dogs and start air-humping them. This is bad not just when you walk your dog around, also when people visit your house. You do not want your dogs best skills to come out in open each time someone visits you. Or maybe you don’t mind? In any case it is better to train the dog, so he will not run at the sight of seeing something. When you are walking your dog around on a leash and he suddenly gets excited, he may give you a jerk in your shoulder.

Many a times people get shoulder injuries if they are not holding the leash properly, when dog is repeatedly jerkin and bursting out with energy. There are cases of people falling and causing major injuries to themselves because of lack of training for their dog and themselves.

Hence finding a trainer is as important as finding the park for your dog. The problem sometimes is with our attitude and approach to raising dogs. When getting one, we are not doing enough research as to our own capacity to raise a dog. Please note that it is not an easy task to raise a dog. It requires attention, energy, discipline, awareness and lots of love. If you are not willing to make changes in your own approach to raise a dog, you can forget about creating a happy life with one.

Once you have located a proper park or open place for your dog to exercise, you can rejoice. You should actively engage with your dog to bond with it. Some dogs have crazy energy and they run as soon as they see open area but some dogs are willing to move unless you show some engagement. Most dogs like to use their mind as much as the body. So engagement from your end can make them exercise their mind. A dog trainer trains the dog to exercise the mind and develop control on its behavior. If you can be with your dog while your trainer trains him/her, it can give you an understanding of how to control the dog. Sometimes trainer trains the dog and the dog develops trained behavior only for the trainer. While acting the same way in front of you. Hence it is important to exercise the training behavior. Similarly your dog walker must engage with your dog when taking him for a walk or a run.

In India, we always have the challenge of not being totally accepted as pet owners. Somehow, in some localities people see you with a pet and they freak out. It is understandable that some people are allergic or phobic to dogs. Just to keep a closed attitude towards people with pets (in general) is strange to say the least. If you live in society or apartment complexed with elevators, you may face repeated stupid notices for keeping your pet in manners or not letting your pet in the grass areas or life. Sometimes it is important to find out beforehand about the general attitude and rules (if any) within the society complex regarding pets. At other times one should challenge the general attitude ( i feel) and question as to why their are strict rules. At the same time it is important to knows the laws within your area or your city or town about the societies allowing pets to play, run etc.

If you are lucky your society or apartment complex may allow your pet to run around in the green area.

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