PetSpot takes care of three types of needs a Pet Lover may have:

Pet Travel: Petspot provides personalised services to dogs and cats to relocate different part of the world with the knowledge and and 10 years of experience in pet travel.We have happy customers who reunited with their pets in countries like USA, Latin America, Canada, Europe, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain,Italy, Ireland, UK,Scotland, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai,Vietnam, China, Korea, Japan etc.

Pet Boarding: PetSpot is a home away from home when the pet parents would have to go out for vacations or other personal & official purposes. The Boarding (i.e. Crèche) service provided by PetSpot is only one of its kind in Delhi NCR. It is a cage less pet boarding facility. The pets stay at PetSpot as guests in the bedroom, drawing rooms of the house. Also, low volumes are maintained so that every pet gets personal attention. When the pets come onboard we try to give them the same treatment as their parents treat and keep them. PetSpot provides end to end services and hence pet parents need not to provide anything along with the pet. The stay includes- Food, Play, Walks and Basic Daily Grooming. PetSpot welcomes almost all type of pets- Cats, Dogs, Birds, Gunnie pigs, Rabbits, Hamsters etc. When parents leave their pets they get photos and updates on PetSpot Facebook page- www.facebook.com/petspot

Pet Grooming: PetSpot is a Personalised dog grooming service. We are passionate about keeping your dog looking and feeling his best. We specialize in daily as well as dog show grooming. Our groomers are trained under worlds one of the best groomers.

Achievements and Success: The biggest achievement is to build a completely new business model of keeping different pets without any cages and kennels. PetSpot started in 2008, and in less than 2 years it is a flourishing business. Not a single dissatisfied customer due to the unique home based comfort, personalised love, care and attention given by Vizal. Clients who have researched all pet boarding facilities across Delhi NCR rate PetSpot as the best boarding facility available

PetSpot is Owned by Vizal Atheya

Vizal is an Engineer in Electronics and Communication by studies. She loves being with animals and taking care of them. She was working as a Centre head of Frameboxx an animation institute, before she started this venture.

PetSpot Blog

PetSpot Blog is a portal for expressing ideas and information on a wide range of issues linked with pets. We intend to develop a trustworthy resource for pet parents, pet lovers and animal lovers (in general), where they can discover latest information and knowledge regarding pets. PetSpot covers areas such as pet management, pet travel, pet safety, pet growth, pet health and every other possible issue concerning pets. We wish to make information simple and more beneficial for any reader to get right knowledge in this area. Pets are an essential part of life for millions of people worldwide. Pets are family and they contribute love, affection, friendship, emotional support, empathy and compassion to us. It is great to see that the web is full of amazing information concerning this area and we wish to contribute our best in the same direction. With this we intend to bring out the best possible content wherever possible by research and dedication to enhance the lives of both pets and their families.