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Travel with your Dog and Cat to USA

Are you planning to travel to the USA with your pet? Petspot ensures all the needs and requirements and makes the journey smooth for both you and your pet. Pet travel policy was changed in July 2021 only for dogs traveling to the USA from High rabies countries like India. One needs to follow the new guidelines provided by CDC. https://www.cdc.gov/importation/bringing-an-animal-into-the-united-states/dogs.html

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Travel with your dog, cat or any other furry animal to Canada

Planning To Move To Canada With Your Pet? Here’s How Team PetSpot Will Ensure Hassle-Free Relocation With the 16 years of experience in Pet relocations worldwide , Petspot team ensures right information about rules , regulations and paperwork which requires for your pet travel safely. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency mandates all pets including dogs, cats and ferrets meet certain entry conditions to prev

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Learning compassion from pets

We live in a fast paced reality. We have jobs, families, financial concerns, anxieties, worries and all kinds of things that bombard our brains. In such a reality, it becomes very difficult to focus on our essential nature as compassionate beings. Our ability to contribute positively all the time is at question because life situations demand too many things from us. Most of the time we are working mechanically from t

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Things to Strictly Avoid with a new Puppy

Here are some tips that will help eliminate some unwanted mistakes, confusions and frustrations when you just get a new puppy to your house. No Shower or Bath: If you are getting an absolutely newborn one i.e a pup less than 2 months old, ask your breeder if you can give the puppy a bath. Most likely your breeder will tell you not to. The reason is simple, the pup will catch fever. This is not for grooming reasons.

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