About Us

Your pet deserve the best

The story of Petspot began with personal experiences at several levels. Our furry child, a Lhasa Apso called Jumbo has been the inspiration. In 2007, at 2 months of age, Jumbo contacted parvo virus. For those who are aware, this is a life threatening virus impacting the gut in puppies. Being a working couple, we could not find a single place where we could have left Jumbo under personalised home care  during the day whilst we went to work.

These moments of tryst, was the inspiration to start our own boarding for pets. The humble beginning was in our two room apartment where pets started slowly coming in to board. Not only did they get love, affection, food and companionship; we also started grooming them whilst they were boarding at ours.

Soon, we started getting requests to groom animals even though they were not in boarding and the organic growth from boarding to grooming happened. We opened our pet grooming services.

Through our boarding experience, we realised that there was a huge scope in improving the ways pets were handled in pet transportation business.

In most cases, pets are handled callously by the cargo handlers and treated as commodities. Moving or movement with animals is very stressful for the pets as well as pet parents. We experienced this first hand when one of our friends asked approached us, post a bitter experience elsewhere, to help him move his 11 year old spitz called Teddy. The relocation was from Pantnagar in Uttarakhand, India to Coventry in the UK. We realised that moving a pet with ease, comfort, minimal stress and being with the pet from ‘Door to Door’ was indeed possible and thus, began our third leg. We forayed into the pet relocation business.

Petspot gives an honourable and personalised pet relocation consultancy service and provides ‘door to door’ and/or very customised pet relocation service.

Through our personal experiences, we have following businesses:

  • Home based personalised ‘Pet Boarding’- Sector-43, Gurgaon
  • Pet Grooming Parlour- Supermart-2, Gurgaon
  • Global Pet Relocation (Travel) Services –  (Domestic and International)
  • A Boutique Pet Shop along with our parlour

We help to Improve their life quality

PetSpot is owned and operated by Vizal Atheya. For more than 35 years, she has lived and experienced different types of pets.Her husband is an ardent animal enthusiast and he runs DogSpot.in (India’s largest pet portal). Vizal’s father-in-law is a renowned figure in veterinary sciences and his name is Prof U. K. Atheya. We, as a family love animals and thereby, pets are beyond mere animals for us. They are a part of the family and we understand this.

  • We never compromise with the quality of the service provided to the pets
  • We treat all animals with same care and love, irrespective of size age, species etc
  • We have an amazing team to understand pet’s requirements and deliver the best services in all three lines of business

Our intrinsic belief is, all pets are little celebrations in our lives. Everyday spent with pets are the celebrations, every pet parent experiences with the same gusto as he/she experiences a Diwali, Eid, Christmas etc. Pets bring that joy to our lives everyday; which is immeasurable and priceless. At various touch-points, Petspot is here to help improve the quality of life for these little bundles of joy called ‘pets’ in your life.

Our compassion and love for pets takes precedence over our business. We do what we do, because we are passionate about giving the pet parent and their furry babies the best that we can offer. Our efforts and endeavours are, to honour your faith in all that we do, when you approach us for any line of business of ours. With us, you can be assured that your pet is in the right hands.

Our team is hand picked by Vizal to assure that every team member is sensitive towards animals and is passionate about working with animals and handling them gently and with care at various levels. Each member of our team cares for your pet as much as you do.

Caring for your pets since 2007

We are one of the oldest pet services provider in Gurgaon. Gurgaon is the suburbs of Delhi, which is the Capital of India. We started PetSpot in 2007 out of our love for pets. In 2007 there were only 1 or 2 boarding places in Gurgaon & Delhi. We were the first ones to provide home based personalised boarding services to pets. Now after more than 10 years of running PetSpot we have developed other services too. Here are our pawsome services:

  • Global Pet Relocation Services
  • Pet Grooming & Beauty Services
  • Pet Boarding Services for all types of pets