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PetSpot Services- Best for your pet!

PetSpot is the one of the very first in home based personalised pet boarding in Gurgaon. We starter in 2007 because we felt the need, to have such a service, while we were raising our pet, Lhasa Apso, Jumbo. Vizal is the founder of PetSpot and every pet gets her attention. She has more than 3 decades of experience with pet handling, keeping, grooming and travelling with pets.

Why Choose Us?

Our compassion and love for pets takes precedence over our business. We do what we do, because we are passionate about giving the pet parent and their furry babies the best that we can offer. Our efforts and endeavours are, to honour your faith in all that we do, when you approach us for any line of business of ours. With us, you can be assured that your pet is in the right hands.

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We love pets and we also love talking about pets. We provide free consultation over phone to help you do better pet keeping. We are always happy to share knowledge and experiences.

Please feel free to talk to us on +91-9811133950 or drop us a line on our contact us page.

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