Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding


About the facility

Petspot is a personalised boarding for cats.

  1. We provide customised food as per requirements (Premium brand foods available like Royal Canin , Whiskas)
  2. The toilet trays / litter box with fresh litter sand are provided as per the need of the cat.
  3. Kitty toys to play, Kitty condos ( trees, scratch pad, tunnels, cat furniture) are provided to ensure a playful and relaxed environment.
  4. Special attention is paid to pet safety. We have had no runaways in the last 10 years since we started the Pet Boarding at Petspot.
  5. We ensure fresh air. Air conditioned rooms are provided in summers.
  6. Hygiene, cleanliness of the room. Daily brushing and cleaning is done by our staff here at Petspot.
  7. Room Service and socialisation.
  8.  We also sure that our feline friends get sufficient sunlight during the day.
  9.  Pick Up and Drop Facility are available on the payment basis.


First we register the cat and invest some time in acclimatising the cat with love and affection. We make them feel home. For Registration and more information please contact us.