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After 6 years spent in India, I had to leave and go back to Europe, and this on quite short notice. During these years, I was living on a university campus where there are many stray dogs and cats, and because my block was quite secluded, I took care of many cats who passed by : some were even born in my home, some also died there of disease or old age. To each of them I gave food, shelter, care, sterilization and vaccination. At the end, my companion and myself succeeded of finding foster families for the cats who were healthy, but three cats remained, all kind of handicapped, I decided to bring them back to Europe and a long hassle started: it was very hard to find accurate information about the process of export, and especially how to send the titer test for rabies in a European lab (as, since terrorism, it has become very difficult to send blood samples through normal couriers if you don’t have an account with them). We finally find a vet in Delhi who was doing all that, but the prices were horribly high, and I’m not a diplomat or a wealthy expat, just a simple teacher. Because we also had this problem of 3 months before export, I had to find a place for my cats to stay without me and be taken care of. And then we run into Vizal: it was more than a relief. First, because she knows animals and her job so well that one feels really able to trust her. Second because with her, everything that seemed so complicated, expensive and scary (for the well being of the cats) became suddenly so simple. So I left my cats there for about 2 months (she accommodated on a very short notice 2 of them who were not initially supposed to stay with her), she was always available on the phone to give news and also to comfort me when I started to get scared for the flight…and then she reached in Paris, all smiles and the cats all healthy. She spent 4 days here with me and helped me to settle the cats smoothly and also gave me some advices about their feeding and general care. She was even cleaning with me J

To put in a nutshell, never believe the ones telling that exporting animals from India is very complicated and pricy, just meet Vizal! Taking care of stray cats, or taking care of any animal is a big commitment, not a hobby or a fancy: Vizal also understands that and helped the ones like me.

And on the top of that, she didn’t only help me, she also became a friend. One more reason to go back to India…with my cats!" 


Pet Travel

"I want to thank PetSpot for making our journey from New Delhi to USA,seamless.Vizal is great and very professional and goes out of way to help you.She is very reachable and delivers what she promises.I would strongly recommend PetSpot,to anyone ,if you want to take your pet to your destination country from India."


Pet Travel

"Muffin along with my daughter and grand daughter reaches home. It was made possible only because of Vizal Atheya who is expert in relocating pets all over the world. She is angel to us as she United our family making it possible for Muffin to be with us in India."


Pet Boarding

"I used to always feel guilty going out of town because I hated leaving my dog, Sophie, in a kennel. Vizal was recommended to me by a friend, and finding her has been such a blessing! Now I can leave Sophie with someone who genuinely cares for her well being and will give her love and attention so that she doesn't feel abandoned. The facility is clean, secure, and the dog handlers who live on the premises are experts in caring for the dogs. The boarded dogs get to play together and are allowed to roam around freely for most of the day, which is what was most important for me when looking for a place. I didn't want her to be stuck in a cage the entire day. Sophie was also walked twice a day and not just sent out to a yard. I also appreciate how particular Vizal was about sticking to the same diet Sophie is used to at home, even taking the trouble to give her home-cooked food like she's used to. Sophie was groomed every day, and given treats, which I'm sure was the best part of her day. The boarding rates are also really reasonable based on the kind of quality care that is offered. I'm truly thankful (and Sophie is too) to have found this place."

Pet Boarding

"The place is awesome for all kinds of pets - its spacious, well-ventilated and clean. Tucker loves to stay with Vizal, even if it is for long durations. She takes amazing care of him - feeds him properly, grooms him, even takes care of his medication if required. I'm very relieved whenever I leave Tucker with her. I would recommend this place to every per owner I know."

Pet Boarding

We needed to leave our puppy Luna for two months last summer and were worried about where to board her. A friend recommended PetSpot, so we traveled to Gurgaon with Luna to see what it was like. From the moment we got there, we felt totally at home. Vizal and her team really go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. They took a detailed history and description of Luna, including her personality traits and food preferences. After the two months, we were delighted to find Luna happy and healthy. From then on, whenever we leave Delhi, we leave Luna with PetSpot, knowing that she will be very well looked after.

Pet Travel

"I had left my 2 dogs under Petspot care when I relocated to Germany and also used her services to move my dogs to join me there.

 I must say that I was delighted with the services provided by Petspot. The attention provided was professional as well as very personal. The staff have all the details concerning the dogs- from their vaccination status, dietary preferences and sleeping arrangement to their temperamental pecuiliarities at their fingertips.

 All logistics (the crates, airline bookings) etc. were professionally manged and I was delighted to see my dogs in great health and spirits when they joined me in Germany.

 Being a pet owner, I know the pain and anxiety one feels when leaving their buddies in someone else's care and entrusting them to transfer them overseas in a luggage hold! I can tell you that I barely got a wink of sleep while my dogs were airborne and was wide awake when I got a message that they had arrived all right in the wee hours of the morning! I can tell you now though- the next time that my pals need to join me overseas, I will sleep easy. With Vizal, you can always be sure that your friends are taken care of"