We live in a fast paced reality. We have jobs, families, financial concerns, anxieties, worries and all kinds of things that bombard our brains. In such a reality, it becomes very difficult to focus on our essential nature as compassionate beings. Our ability to contribute positively all the time is at question because life situations demand too many things from us. Most of the time we are working mechanically from the brain and neglecting the heart. This is one of the reasons we tend to ignore our feelings and often become subject to tough situations in life. If we contribute to the world with our heart by empathizing with others, we remain compassionate. However as the reality is too fast paced we have developed tendencies to sometimes completely ignore our capacity to love.

Pets are essentially heart beings. They live with love and share love with us
unconditionally. They are essential partners in life for millions worldwide. There is no
doubt when pet parents are undergoing tough times, pets come to rescue as an
emotional support for us. Pets are not just family members, they are heart members,
intact they are the heart chambers. They are a storehouse of love.
What is the best possible way to learn from them and share more love and compassion
with the world? By making them heart partners we can surely create a better world for
them and for others around us. If we simply observe our pet, we can easily identify
there best contributing qualities for us, be it their softness, their calmness, their energy
or simply their presence.
‘Depending upon how our relationship is contributing for our wellbeing we can
generate ways to keep ourself tuned to the goodness of their heart. This way we can
remind ourself that the best and the most important thing to be shared is love and
compassion. Ofcourse their energy can energize us, which we can use positively to
strengthen/develop more love in us. It is all about inculcating the idea that the
possibility of remaining compassionate for the world exists in us and our contribution
to compassion goes on to make the world a better place. If your pet provides you
support in any possible way, it becomes your responsibility to share the goodness of
the heart thus developed.