All dogs irrespective of the breed need some form of daily exercise. The funny thing is not just dogs but we as humans also need exercise, but we have completely forgotten about it. However, since you now have a dog, you have a chance to bring healthy life to  not just your dog, but for yourself too. Labrador and Golden Retriever are energetic dogs ( well, most..), you can find this out by simply observing the behavior of Retrievers (in general) when they are a pup.  You would notice that when a retriever is growing, the body is expanding, the pup is restless and wants to play all day. This goes for most, if not for all puppies. They are going to grow in mental proportions in very little time. A Labrador pup goes from a tiny little thing in the first 2-3 months to a strong, fast and big dog by the time it reaches 7 months. So that is really fast growth for a small puppy. But that is just normal how their DNA is, so for them it is not unusual but for us, it’s mental. From this, it becomes clear that they are different from us and have more exercise needs then us. Now, most of us do not have the luxury to have private gardens, or a lawn, which would ensure that the kid will be exercised in the most natural way. You could just simply leave it in the garden and it will find ways to exhaust energy. As most of us do not have this option, then how can you ensure that your dog is getting enough exercise?

“Labradors and Golden Retrievers need 1 hour of proper exercise every day. This includes unobstructed running, playing various games and if possible interaction with other dogs.”

  • It is important for you to find out nearby parks or open areas in your locality where it is allowed to take your dog to exercise or where your dog can run fully.
  • As a general personal rule, one should train their dog to not jump at other dogs or people/kids in the park. If this is the case then you may have to keep your dog on the leash and find different locations where your dog can run. If you contact a good dog trainer, they can teach very important behaviors for your dog.
  • If you do not have enough time for your dog, you must hire a dog walker who can ensure proper exercise for your dog.
  • Buy some toys, balls and other exercise tools to get your dog interested in playing.

By keeping simple exercise patterns for your dog and using fixed time periods to be totally dedicated for your dog’s exercise you will be able to disconnect from your  other personal engagements. Hence connecting with your dog and at the same time utilizing this time to exercise your body and relaxing your mind. In my own personal life, getting a dog was the best decision. I was hardly exercising before i got him, working 16-18 hours a day on blogs. With him i was able to get into a routine and move a bit. My body was badly stuck but engaging with my dog helped me slowly fix my body. Since Labradors and Golden retrievers are active breeds they bring natural energy with them to move, run and explore life. If we are not ourselves using the body enough then just by raising a Labrador we can ensure better health for ourselves.

Please remember if you do not have enough time to take your dog for walks, to engage with them, to play with them and to care for them, do not get a dog. If you already own one, then please take out time to do so. It is really important for dogs to get exercise, to move around, to exhaust their energy and to utilize the energy you give them with the food. Otherwise the dog becomes fat, bones become weak, they become quieter or in other cases aggressive. This way they become easily irritative and lose their natural social behavior. Raising a dog is no less than raising a child, in fact it can be even more engaging then raising a human child because a dog will need your attention throughout life while your kid will grow up some day and develop her own mind and own life. On the other hand, you will be the prime being in the life of your dog, forever.